Challenging myself

A few posts ago, I said that I had anticipated walking in a 5k in November. Well, I’ve bumped that up a few months. On May 22, Weight Watchers is holding the Walk It Challenge. This morning, I found out that one of our center leaders is trying to put together a walk at a local park. On the Weight Watchers site for the Walk It Challenge, the closest event was in like Cincinnati or some place like that, so to have an event here in Lexington is pretty awesome. I made the decision: I’m going to walk in that 5k and I am beyond excited.

May 22 is 4 days before my 24th birthday. It is 3 days before I plan to complete a Zumba class with Emily and Krissie at the Lexington Athletic Club, where Emily is a member. It’s going to be an amazing week to have a birthday, to say the least.

I went to the gym this morning before my Weight Watchers meeting and it didn’t adversely affect my weigh-in like I was afraid it would. In fact, I was .4 pounds lighter at my meeting. Anyhoo, today made up for my horrible weigh-in last week.

Today’s Weigh-in: -11.4 pounds

Total weight loss on Weight Watchers (since 2/12): -22.8 pounds

Total weight loss since 11/4/2010: -54.4 pounds


Guest Post: FiT

Hey everyone, Leila here, guest posting at Tasha Gets Healthy! Even though I am on a weight loss journey of my own, I blog about books instead, so you can catch me at Within Pages!


In late January, the boy and I decided to start the weight loss journey together. We embarked on the Atkins diet and saw immediate and great results. But we found out that wasn’t really the diet for us; he was getting flu-like symptoms with his carb intake and I…well, I had negative repercussions as well. So at that point, we decided that a healthy lifestyle with exercise was the way to go and by March 17th, we were members of Fitness 19.

To make what could be a long story short, we were doing really well with the weight loss, the healthy lifestyle and all that; he lost over 50 pounds and I broke over 30. However, as most dieting fluxes happen, certain things occured and we fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks. He had injured his foot (he had glass in his foot for 6 days!) and I had managed to injure my elbow, so we skipped the gym, skipped the cooking, and didn’t even bother to skip the sweets.

So now with our weightloss teetering at 44 for him and 24 for me, we have started back on the right path. Last night we had our first (and seemingly last) meeting with a personal trainer. I thought it would be a good experience and for the most part it was. He had a lot of information that help set us in the right direction for our own personal goals. However, he worked us so hard that I could barely walk out of the gym that night. In doing free weight squats, I had to do 3 sets of 15; there was no added weight so I couldn’t really make it lighter. And today, I pay the price for pride. It takes all my energy, breath, and effort to sit down or stand up and at some points even walk!

When I finished work, I decided that I would take the rest of the day easy (I didn’t go back to the gym) and I would go to the library and revel in my re-found love of books. But the library brings out my blogging side and I had to share just how much pain I really am in with the world (i.e. misery loves company)!

As an ending thought, I bought a batch of bananas that may quite possibly be the longest fruit I have ever seen; imagine a 11-13 inch banana. And yes, that one was also sexual or so they look! But with this fruit, comes the idea and knowledge that this is a healthy choice and for the first time ever (I am 24 – and yes, I’m serious) I tried raspberries and a nectarine. To these fruits I say blegh. I, at this point, will stick to my apple and bananas. But I’m not perfect, I don’t like a lot of healthy foods that is all part of being…