Challenging myself

A few posts ago, I said that I had anticipated walking in a 5k in November. Well, I’ve bumped that up a few months. On May 22, Weight Watchers is holding the Walk It Challenge. This morning, I found out that one of our center leaders is trying to put together a walk at a local park. On the Weight Watchers site for the Walk It Challenge, the closest event was in like Cincinnati or some place like that, so to have an event here in Lexington is pretty awesome. I made the decision: I’m going to walk in that 5k and I am beyond excited.

May 22 is 4 days before my 24th birthday. It is 3 days before I plan to complete a Zumba class with Emily and Krissie at the Lexington Athletic Club, where Emily is a member. It’s going to be an amazing week to have a birthday, to say the least.

I went to the gym this morning before my Weight Watchers meeting and it didn’t adversely affect my weigh-in like I was afraid it would. In fact, I was .4 pounds lighter at my meeting. Anyhoo, today made up for my horrible weigh-in last week.

Today’s Weigh-in: -11.4 pounds

Total weight loss on Weight Watchers (since 2/12): -22.8 pounds

Total weight loss since 11/4/2010: -54.4 pounds


Setting goals

I’ve decided that I’d like for my total weight loss on Weight Watchers to be 24 pounds by May 26. That’s my 24th birthday. As of 4/30, I’d lost 21 pounds, but the recent gain has set that back a bit. My total loss on Weight Watchers is now 15 and change. While I think that some of that may have been due to my increased sodium intake from the week prior and can be easily fixed with drinking more water, there might be some legitimate poundage that I’ll need to lose. Since I’m back on track with going to the gym and tracking, I think that in sixteen days I can accomplish my goal and maybe even bust through it.

I have several pairs of jeans which are goals as well. They are jeans that I wore in high school, but by college could no longer wear. I also look for the fitted shirt that I posted awhile back to completely button. Right now, I have to wear it open with a tank underneath. The ultimate goal, of course, is my health. Being able to fit into clothes that I normally would never have been able to wear is just a perk.

My fabulous Weight Watchers leader Jen, is being relocated to Boulder, Colorado for her job. It’s only temporary – through mid-September – but she’s asked us to think of a goal that we’d like to have accomplished by the time she comes back. One woman said that her first thought of a goal is not disappointing Jen. While I do not want to disappoint her, this woman is awesome y’all, the first person that I do not want to disappoint is myself. So, I am going to think of a goal that I can hit. The next milestone with Weight Watchers is my 10% and if I keep on track, I can hit that sometime in June. There are roughly 20 weeks until September 15. If I lose 2 pounds a week, that’s a 40 pound loss. I am going to set my goal of losing 50 pounds. This will be in addition to the weight I’ve already lost on Weight Watchers which would bring my total to around 70 pounds. Let’s do this.

My Moment of Zen

Today’s meeting was all about finding time for yourself. I live by myself, I have “me time” almost constantly, but I am finding that my true me time is when I’m at the gym. I love going with my best friend, but even then we’re doing our own things. She’s developed a love for the bicycle while I prefer the treadmill. Our fitness plans are different and that’s okay. That’s why, I’ve decided that when I am on the treadmill or doing my weight training, I am centering myself. All of the outside influences just fade away and it’s just me. I become one with myself and the music that I’m listening to. I find my focus. I quite literally go to my happy place.

Last week, I had a bad weigh-in. The scale said that I’d gained nearly 6 pounds. I had lost my focus. I started drinking sodas and, admittedly, I drank a lot. I didn’t eat as healthily as I could have and ditched the diet in favor of chips and queso and McDonald’s. Oh, and there was definitely some alcohol thrown into the mix last Friday night. So, when I stepped on the scale on Saturday morning, it read that I’d gained 5.8 pounds. I was a tad shocked, but then everything made sense. My focus began to shift back to where it needed to be: my ultimate goal of this healthy lifestyle. That’s not to say that I can’t have a couple of drinks with friends and have a good time, but I know that I’m going to have to track any alcohol just like I would food. It’s liquid fat, for real.

This week, I went to the gym three times and followed the fitness training plan that I got when I had my personal training session a few weeks ago. I increased my speed when I walked, I did all of the weight training machines that I was supposed to and even did some high intensity cardio to finish the session up. I even got a bit of hot tub and swimming time in mid-week. By Friday, I was feeling great and am still feeling great today I have completely given up soda once more and have chosen water and the occasional decaf unsweetened tea instead.

My efforts have paid off, most assuredly.

Today’s Weigh-in: -11.4 pounds

Total weight loss on Weight Watchers (since 2/12): -17.4 pounds

Total weight loss since 11/4/2010: -49 pounds

A new dawn, a new day

My sincere apologies for not updating on Saturday like I’d planned to. I wasn’t much in a writing mood, but I’m here now! As I mentioned last week, I left the previous WW meeting feeling dejected and disappointed in myself. I took away some very positive messages from the meeting so it wasn’t a complete failure.

Over the course of the week, I monitored my points very carefully. On Sunday, the very beginning of the week, we had a potluck party for our regular gaming night so I made a couple of things. I ended up eating all of my points for the day plus my weekly points… in one night. I was absolutely sure I’d gained or wouldn’t have lost anything. I was prepared for another week of disappointment.

When I got to Saturday’s meeting, the leader pulled me aside to talk to me for a moment. She said she noticed how upset I was the previous week. She told me not to be discouraged, we all have off weeks, and that I’m doing something amazing for myself. I’m making a healthy change in my lifestyle. I’m taking control of my body and my health.

Her words put me at ease as I stepped on the scale. I ended up losing 4.4 pounds this past week! I was shocked, but excited at the same time. I ended up getting my first 5 pound star since coming back to the program and 2 Bravo stickers. I was very proud of myself and feeling absolutely fabulous.

I have a lot of people who are showing support for this undertaking and I really appreciate everyone’s kind words and encouragement. I’ve come a long way so far (36 pounds lost now) but I have a long way to go.

Until next time.

Tracking the progress

I have nothing much to say right now. I went on a date Tuesday and ate WAY too many points at Red Robin. Though it was really dang tasty, what I ate wasn’t the healthiest choice. Okay, it was probably the worst choice I could have made. But, I tracked it and I’ve moved on. I’m not going to dwell on it, but I know that I have 18 weekly points left to last me until Saturday. I don’t foresee myself splurging so I think I’ll be okay. Will I have a loss this week? I don’t know. Will it be because of this one cheeseburger? Probably not, but I’ll learn from the experience and move on.

Did I really eat this? Like really?
I got a wild hair to go into my bathroom (it’s the best lighting in my apartment) and take some pictures. I ended up with a new facebook/twitter picture and it made me want to go back through the other pictures on this laptop. I want to get to a point where I can really see a difference. Not just people telling me that they see one. I want to see one for myself. Maybe that will be soon, but I was analyzing two pictures and I decided to make a side-by-side comparison. One was taken December 29, 2010 and the other tonight February 17, 2011.
Can I see a difference? Sort of. Forgive whatever expression that is on my face in the left picture and the fact that it says December 29, 1010. Apparently I’ve gone back 1000 years. I’m a time traveler, folks. Oh and forgive my eyebrows. I know they’re atrocious but I needed to let them fill in because the last time I had them waxed… well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. 

2-18-11 Edit: Those pictures were HORRIBLE in retrospect. I’ll take a new picture after my weigh-in tomorrow.

Anyway, as much as I really want to see a change happening fast, I know that it takes time. I’m in this for the long haul.
Forgive the rambling, I’ve not much to say tonight. But I hope everyone is having a good week. Mine started off pretty horribly. It’s not something I can get into on this blog, but I had a problem at work which seems to have resolved itself a bit.
See you all Saturday!