A new dawn, a new day

My sincere apologies for not updating on Saturday like I’d planned to. I wasn’t much in a writing mood, but I’m here now! As I mentioned last week, I left the previous WW meeting feeling dejected and disappointed in myself. I took away some very positive messages from the meeting so it wasn’t a complete failure.

Over the course of the week, I monitored my points very carefully. On Sunday, the very beginning of the week, we had a potluck party for our regular gaming night so I made a couple of things. I ended up eating all of my points for the day plus my weekly points… in one night. I was absolutely sure I’d gained or wouldn’t have lost anything. I was prepared for another week of disappointment.

When I got to Saturday’s meeting, the leader pulled me aside to talk to me for a moment. She said she noticed how upset I was the previous week. She told me not to be discouraged, we all have off weeks, and that I’m doing something amazing for myself. I’m making a healthy change in my lifestyle. I’m taking control of my body and my health.

Her words put me at ease as I stepped on the scale. I ended up losing 4.4 pounds this past week! I was shocked, but excited at the same time. I ended up getting my first 5 pound star since coming back to the program and 2 Bravo stickers. I was very proud of myself and feeling absolutely fabulous.

I have a lot of people who are showing support for this undertaking and I really appreciate everyone’s kind words and encouragement. I’ve come a long way so far (36 pounds lost now) but I have a long way to go.

Until next time.


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