Post-sickness wrap-up, looking ahead.

I didn’t get to go to my meeting Saturday. I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Going back to work wore me out and so I didn’t get to go to my WW meeting or drive to Morehead to meet my mom for lunch. I was pretty bummed, but I’m hoping that is what I get to do this Saturday instead.

I was really sick this past week; bronchitis, upper-respiratory infection, sinus infection. Thankfully the strep test came back negative. I didn’t exercise like I wanted to and as soon as I could eat solid foods I turned to the old things that had given me comfort and not the healthy choices that I had been making in the previous week. So, it’s true, old habits do die hard. No excuses, though. I’m going to get back into it with no question.
So right now I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight at all, I haven’t officially weighed myself. I’ll know on Saturday where I stand and I can start tracking the progress. But, I did get a compliment from a good friend on Sunday. I went over to my best friend’s house for our weekly D&D game and I was told that there was a noticeable change. I’ll take it. Maybe numbers aren’t the only indicators of progress. Maybe it’s a combination of factors. For me, right now, it’s feeling better. I’m almost over the sickness, but I’m feeling better about things in general. My confidence is rising. I’m holding my head higher. I’m proud of myself.
So, that’s where we stand right now. I’ve got some priorities that I need to get in order (e.g., stop playing so much WoW/fiddling around on the internet) and the healthy lifestyle really plays into that.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I’m almost 100% so things are definitely looking up for me.
Until next time.

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