101 in 1001

Last summer, I made a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. After a tumultuous fall, I had completely forgotten about this list, but I’m reposting it on here. I am determined to complete all of these goals. Things crossed out have been completed and things in bold are in progress.

1.) Complete undergraduate requirements

2.) Get into grad school

3.) Be the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding

4.) Celebrate my 25th birthday 100 pounds thinner (Deadline: May 26, 2012)

5.) Ask for a cute guy’s number

6.) Learn to play the guitar

7.) Take photography classes

8.) Buy a new wardrobe

9.) Start an exercise routine

10.) Create a budget

11.) Get (and use) my passport

12.) Send a secret to Postsecret

13.) Tour the National Museum of American History

14.) Attend a University of Kentucky basketball game

15.) Go to the Kentucky Derby and Oaks

16.) Enter a photography contest

17.) Write all of my bad memories on a piece of paper then burn the paper afterward

18.) Attend a gaming/anime/comic convention

19.) Create a vision board

20.) Write a book

21.) Complete a New York Times crossword puzzle

22.) Participate in NaBloPoMo

23.) Learn a new language

24.) Visit Gettysburg

25.) Walk in a 5k

26.) Make something to sell on Etsy

27.) Ride a horse

28.) Learn how to ride a bicycle

29.) Get business cards with my name on them

30.) Host a game night

31.) Decorate my apartment

32.) Get rid of things I do not need

33.) Get a new sofa

34.) Visit all 50 states

35.) Go to 5 new museums

36.) Join a book club

37.) Complete a sewing project

38.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen

39.) Join a young professionals organization

40.) Kiss in the rain

41.) Dance in the rain

42.) Take a tropical vacation

43.) Do something nice for my mom

44.) Make my grandmother proud of me

45.) Get a tattoo of my starting weight

46.) Send a secret to PostSecret

47.) Maintain a committed relationship

48.) Reconnect with an old friend So excited to have reconnected with an old friend that I volunteered with many moons ago!  ~ 4/17/2011

49.) Go on a roadtrip with no destination

50.) Go camping with friends

51.) Play ultimate frisbee

52.) Sing karaoke with friends

53.) Watch 10 films I’ve never seen

54.) Watch 50 films I’ve never seen

55.) Get another piercing

56.) Attend a film festival

57.) Buy a DSLR camera

58.) Donate blood for disaster victims

59.) Visit an old teacher

60.) Host a dinner party

61.) Join a writing group

62.) Identify 100 things that makes me happy

63.) Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s

64.) Attend a wedding

65.) Don’t put off until tomorrow what could be done today

66.) Learn how to use Photoshop

67.) Travel somewhere by train

68.) Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

69.) Lose 5 pant sizes

70.) Plant a garden

71.)Start learning the guitar

72.) Read 5 complete book series

73.) Try a new recipe Completed Feb 13, 2011

74.) Cook my way through a cookbook

75.) Have a little black dress

76.) Plant a garden

77.) Give a lecture

78.) Go on a hike

79.) Complete Couch 2 5k

80.) Send a handwritten letter

81.) Be a gamemaster for our gaming group

82.) Say “I love you” and mean it

83.) Research my genealogy

84.) Successfully bake cookies

85.) Try Zumba Completed: Feb, 2010

86.) Complete a Zumba class

87.) Wear a sexy halloween costume

88.) Try cosplay

89.) Try out for Jeopardy

90.) Whiten my teeth

91.) Buy a pair of heels (and wear them)

92.) Refinish a piece of furniture

93.) Read 10 non-fiction books

94.) Start a scrapbook

95.) Make a custom recipe book from my favorite recipes

96.) Visit every county in Kentucky

97.) Go on a cruise

98.) Lose 25 pounds of my starting weight Completed: Feb 12, 2011

99.) Lose 50 pounds of my starting weight Completed: April 23, 2011

100.) Lose 100 pounds of my starting weight

101.) Complete 16 weeks on Weight Watchers


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